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Customize Your Hubspot Analytics with DataHero

September 2nd, 2014


Today, we’re very excited to announce a new connection with Hubspot, the leading inbound marketing tool. Now your Hubspot analytics can be customized to your specific needs. DataHero will allow you to do everything from tracking when customers close deals, to filtering by custom fields, to displaying your data in different time groupings with your Hubspot analytics. All these capabilities provide you with customized charts that highlight your Hubspot data best. If you use online tools that don’t integrate directly with Hubspot, you can also merge datasets from those services with data from Hubspot in DataHero.

By connecting DataHero to Hubspot you can answer questions like:

  • When should my sales team reach out to their SQLs?
  • How is site traffic distributed geographically?
  • How long does it take a customer to move through my sales funnel?

Analyze Sales Qualified Leads

Easily filter, segment and sort your variables,  plus change time groupings for any chart you create of your Hubspot analytics. Need to see when your sales qualified leads last visited your site? All you’d do is drag on Date of Last Visit onto the top portion of the chart, then drag lifecycle stage onto the bottom portion and select Sales Qualified Leads:

The resulting chart shows when your sales qualified leads last visited.

This is critical information for your sales team. It can provide insight on when to follow up with leads and can even tell them who to contact if you drag Company onto the chart.

Site Traffic By Location

Need to know where to focus your marketing efforts? Just drag Leads and Country onto the chart canvas and DataHero automatically creates a map of this data:

We can see in the chart above that most visitors are in the US. If you want to continue to pursue the US market, focus marketing spend here. If you’d like to expand globally, it may be time to change your current marketing strategy.

Sales Funnel Visualization

DataHero allows you to perform date cohort analysis really easily. This allows you to see how long it takes for a marketing qualified lead to turn into a sales qualified lead, for one example.

This allows you to see how quickly customers move through your sales funnel. In the image above we can see that customers who become MQLs in February will likely not be SQLs until March or April. Then we can see from the most recent data that many marketing qualified leads from August have not yet become sales qualified leads, as this chart suggests it takes about 2 months to go from an MQL to an SQL.

You can do this cohort analysis with any dates you have in Hubspot data. Want to know how long it takes someone to go from being an email subscriber to a customer? Just drag on First Open Date and Close Date to easily visualize how these cohorts behave. Another way to visualize how long it takes customers to move through your sales funnel is by analyzing the number of days to close based on when an individual became a sales qualified lead.

How long does it take to close a deal on an SQL?

By simply dragging on Became a Sales Qualified Lead and Days to Close, we can see how long on average it takes to make a sales qualified lead a customer. Average the Number of Days to close and you see the following chart:

This chart suggests that the average number of days to close was lowest in June of 2014 but then slowly started increasing after June. It might be a good idea to see what was done in June to make the average number of days to close so low.

To visualize your prospect, opportunity and site traffic data, import Hubspot analytics reports into DataHero in a single click. Then with simple drag-and-drop motions you can create  beautiful charts and dashboards to share with your team. DataHero is flexible enough for all your custom analytics needs and will stay automatically updated as the data within Hubspot changes. Give DataHero a try today and create custom charts and dashboards to drive your business forward.

By Kelli Simpson

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