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Stop Waiting on Big Data

August 21st, 2014

Stop Waiting on Big Data

For the past 5 years, the data world has been focused on Big Data: how do we manage and make sense of the exploding volumes of data within large enterprises?  I know firsthand from my time at Aster Data just how challenging Big Data really is – and how much work must still be done before the average company can get value from it.  While the data industry overall has been preoccupied with Big Data, a second, potentially more significant, shift has been taking place in companies large and small: the migration to the cloud.

Today’s business users have direct access to more data than ever before, through the many cloud services we rely on every day.  However, while we may have the data we need to make decisions at our fingertips, until now we haven’t had the tools to get answers at the speed of business.  Companies have been so preoccupied with their long-term Big Data initiatives that many haven’t seen the huge opportunity staring them in their face: the opportunity to empower business users to make their own decisions.

DataHero is one of a new breed of data companies delivering self-service data analysis directly to business users.  In the past, business users had to wait days or even weeks to get the insights they needed, but now any user can instantly analyze and visualize data in and across the SaaS services they rely on.  No longer must they wait for IT to create custom integrations or the BI group to pre-build reports or have to justify the costs associated with analyzing departmental data.  Now, they can instantly analyze the data that matters to them, no matter where that data resides.  Chart any data, anywhere.

Your Big Data initiatives are important, but while you wait to see the returns from those lengthy projects, you can empower your business users to be more effective, efficient and productive today.  With DataHero, any business user can connect directly to their cloud services and get answers from the data that matters to them.  Sign up today and see what DataHero can do for you.

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By Chris Neumann

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