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DataHero Announces Lists and New Chart Types

August 8th, 2014

New Features

The DataHero team has been working hard on some new features, making lists and labels easier to visualize plus introducing new chart types this week.

Introducing Lists and Labels!

Many services allow you to label cases, issues or questions with multiple labels. Creating charts from these labels can be very time consuming in Excel, or simply not possible at all with some services. DataHero now supports labels and lists, which allows you to quickly create graphs from services like:

  • Desk cases with multiple labels
  • Zendesk tickets with multiple tags
  • Github issues with multiple labels
  • SurveyMonkey with multiple choice questions

For example, Github uses labels for filing issues.  Notice that each issue can have more than one label:

This will now produce this chart in DataHero, with issues ranked by label:

Users can also now get a much clearer picture of multiple choice responses from SurveyMonkey:

If respondents checked multiple answers before, it would be very difficult to differentiate these responses, and you’d likely see a long mess of categories and commas. DataHero detangles that information automatically and creates the very clear and readable chart above.

New Chart Types

DataHero users can now create 3D charts including column, stacked column, pie and donut charts. These charts will be available in the “Type” menu from your charts page:

We’re focused on empowering our users to get the most out of their data analysis, so leave us your feedback in the comments below or shoot us an email.

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By Kelli Simpson

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