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Communicating Metrics With Marketing Dashboards

July 29th, 2014

Marketing Metrics Dashboards

If you work at a marketing agency, you likely spend a lot of your time creating monthly reports and marketing dashboards for your clients. Communicating key metrics over time allows agencies to be held accountable for their efforts, but also to show clients how effective marketing efforts are. You may spend hours each month gathering the data, then recreating the charts you need for each client. DataHero allows you to create these customized dashboards, combining charts across various services, and organizing it by client, service, or any other metric you’d like. This way you can get your job done fast, allowing you to work smart, not hard.

How do I pull in data easily from all my marketing services and display them in one place?

Your marketing data lives in many different places and you may not even realize how much data you have at your disposal,  that can help you and your clients drive business decisions. You have data for email marketing campaigns, site traffic, in-app customer event data, etc. You may then may need to see Google Analytics traffic data, Mixpanel event data, and MailChimp campaign data to see how effective a recent campaign was.

By importing spreadsheets from Google Analytics, then connecting other marketing services, like MailChimp to DataHero, all of that data is available to be imported to one place. Then you can create the charts you need and add them to a dashboard:

How can I merge datasets from different services?

You can even merge datasets across these services to see how an email marketing campaign contributed to traffic, for example. Then, the key charts you need from these services or combined datasets can be added to a dashboard that reflects all the information you need from multiple services. For example, combine MailChimp list data with Google Analytics data to determine how your campaign contributed to certain in-app events (like purchases). Need help combining?

How can I keep all my information up to date, without recreating charts?

The data for marketing campaigns is constantly changing. There can multiple versions of a document, or by the time you get around to exporting your marketing data and analyzing it, it may be a week old. Cloud storage services like Box or Dropbox have addressed this issue of multiple versions, and using DataHero on top of those cloud storage services allows you to ensure you always have the most current data, regardless of the number of edits. Likewise, you can schedule updates in DataHero to pull in your MailChimp information every Monday, for example. Then your charts and dashboards are automatically updated and all you have to do is share this information with your client.

These are just a few ways in which you can increase your communication with your client about key metrics without spending hours each week creating and re-creating the charts and dashboards you need. Import your data in a few clicks and then let DataHero suggest the visualizations for you today.

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By Kelli Simpson

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