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Merging Stripe and Zendesk Data for Business Insights

July 15th, 2014

Merging Stripe and Zendesk Data

If you use Stripe and Zendesk, you may ask yourself questions about how customer support contributes to revenue, or want to segment your help tickets by payment information. Usually this data sits in two different places but with DataHero’s Combines, you can merge data from these two services for business insights. Segment help questions by customer plan, or other payment characteristics. Then ask questions like: “which customers are more likely to upgrade? or “How can I better address the questions from my most valuable customers?”

Which of my customers are filing the most tickets?

With the Customers and Invoices report from Stripe, you can easily see which customers are asking the most questions by plan.

Where are my customers getting hung up in my product?

We already have the ability to look at how trends in your tickets change over time by importing Zendesk data into DataHero, but by combining your support data with payment data, we can easily filter based on when the customer was created or what plan that customer is currently on.

How can I analyze how cohorts of users request help?

Using DataHero’s combines for your customer payment and support information, you can see how to best support your customers, who has the most questions and how best to segment your help tickets by customer payment attributes. Give your payment and support data a try today — click here to learn more. <

By Kelli Simpson

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