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The Full Picture: Combining Pardot and Salesforce Analytics

June 26th, 2014

Salesforce + Pardot

If you use Pardot and Salesforce analytics, if can be difficult to visualize the full picture of your sales funnel across these two services. DataHero connects directly to both Salesforce and Pardot and allows you to merge datasets from across these two services in a few simple drag and drop motions. In this post I’ll walk you through some of the questions you can answer by combining your Salesforce and Pardot data in DataHero.

Revenue by Campaign

Merging Pardot and Salesforce data provides the ability to connect sales revenue to campaign effectiveness, as in the stacked bar chart below:

Of course, there are many other metrics involved in the sales funnel, but this chart above provides a piece of the funnel. We can see if there is a relationship between certain campaigns and higher revenue. For example, the conference promotion campaign appears to have done quite well in Q2 of 2014.

Visits and Calls by Company

Another way to connect lead generation to sales effectiveness is to measure number of visits to your site and number of calls made by your sales rep, broken down by company.

This again is a metric that allows us to compare which companies are the hottest leads (with the most visits) and see if sales reps are prioritizing the right companies.

Lead Score By Time To Call

If you have a field in Salesforce that displays days to call, you can also look at how sales reps are prioritizing leads by lead score.

We should see that the higher a lead score is, the shorter amount of time that sales rep takes to call, as these are likely the hottest leads. In the chart above this is reflected, except for one call by David Martin that has a lower lead score but a shorter time to call. It is likely that there was other information that entered into this decision to call earlier, but is certainly an anomaly worth further investigation.

Get the full picture of your sales funnel by merging Pardot and Salesforce data. Let us know what other questions you’d like to answer from your sales funnel in the comments below! Create your DataHero account, import your Pardot and Salesforce data, then answer the questions you have about your whole sales funnel.

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By Kelli Simpson

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