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DataHero and Pardot Team Up

June 24th, 2014


Today, we’re very excited to announce a new partnership with Pardot, the leading marketing automation tool. Now you can dig deeper into your lead data with DataHero and analyze your sales funnel from start to finish. Segment based on custom groups, find sales trends over time and track visitors  easily.  DataHero automatically categorizes your data, analyzes it for patterns, and suggests the most relevant charts to you. You’re also able to merge your Pardot data with CRM or customer support data, create analytics dashboards, and keep all that data up to date with DataHero.

By connecting DataHero to your Pardot account you can answer questions like:

  • What are my hottest leads by source?
  • Which activities are encouraging the most engagement in my marketing automation process?
  • How effective are my campaigns at driving sales?

After you’ve signed up for your free DataHero account, connect DataHero to your Pardot account then import the corresponding reports to get started. Here are a few examples of the questions you can explore.

Hottest Leads by Source and Company

The chart below displays lead sources, as well as  companies by lead score:

This is critical information for any sales team. You can filter the above chart based on date and turn this data over to your sales team to let them know which leads they should be prioritizing for that week based on lead score and source.

Activity Engagement

A tool like Pardot allows us to integrate many activities into our customer outreach, but it’s difficult to tell which activities account for the bulk of our interactions. The chart below is a pie chart that displays simply the last activity type where customers interacted with your marketing materials:

For example, we can see in the example above that visits to the site and interacting in a sign up form see the highest levels of activity, where email has fewer activities. Depending on overall business strategy it may make sense to switch focus on marketing materials based on this information.

Campaign Effectiveness

The following chart displays opportunity value by campaign and close date:

This allows us to see how effective campaigns are. In the example above, we can see how the month of June saw a large growth in Website tracking, webinar and blog opportunities. Clearly something is working here and this data can point us in the right direction.

To visualize your prospect, opportunity and deal data, import Pardot reports into DataHero in a single click. Then with simple drag-and-drop motions you can create  beautiful charts and dashboards to share with your team. If you don’t need the appealing visuals and just need the newly combined data in a format you can work with, we have you covered there as well. Simply import your data, combine in DataHero, then export back to an Excel file. Stay tuned for more posts on combining Pardot data with sales data.

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By Kelli Simpson

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