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How GuidedPath Is Using DataHero

June 19th, 2014

Our small SaaS company, GuidedPath, has more support tools than we have employees. Our ecosystem is a web of products that help us run and manage our business: Salesforce for the pipeline, Mailchimp for marketing , Zendesk for the support line, Sendgrid to deliver emails, Stripe to capture payments, GitHub for source control, plus quite a few others both inside our product and out. It’s hard to run a business without this support, but the problem we ran into was how to consolidate information to get one clear picture of our key metrics.

DataHero first caught our attention with their suite of service integrations – this list closely matched ours!  For other areas, existing spreadsheets were uploaded and visualized in graphs along with the others.

Weekly collection of metrics: Our weekly staff meetings include a quick run through of each area’s dashboard. Automatic updates minimize the preparation time for these discussions. The dashboards are a great asset to help expedite our meetings and allow us to efficiently focus on business metrics.


My favorite part is selecting our board meeting package by simply adding the appropriate charts to our board meeting dashboard and then exporting the charts to include in the package to board members.

GuidedPath Dashboard

This process is simple but accomplishes more than just the charts. Each team member has ownership for their metrics, yet they get assistance from the automatic updates to minimize time collecting data and maximize time analyzing the content.  Selecting directly from these base charts for the board meeting provides transparency on what is being reviewed by the board and keeps a consistent message flow.

Time is a critical asset, especially for a small company. I estimate that DataHero has cut the amount of time that I spend collecting and formatting data in half. The additional time that I now have to analyze the data and manage the business is a great step forward.

By Kelli Simpson

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