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DataHero Beer Consumption Analysis

June 17th, 2014

We had our first DataHero event this past week, an office warming party, and as is our custom;  decided to collect a little data. We laid out a very simple but effective collection strategy by labelling plastic cups with various job positions, and requesting that attendees put their beer caps in the cup that corresponded with their position. Included in this data is a Salesforce event we hosted in this same week, which mostly sales and marketing folks attended.

The result looked something like this:

Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 1.41.36 PM

We then simply counted the number of caps in each cup and put these into a spreadsheet that was then fed into DataHero.

The idea behind this data collection was to see if we could find some relationship between beer preference and position. The chart below shows number of beer bottle caps by position.

As you can see above, engineers far outweighed any other position in terms of raw data collected. However, if we look at a percentage graph we can eliminate the data collection issue of more engineers than any other position:

Now we can start to see some trends in consumption, like how HR/Ops seem to favor the Hell or High Watermelon from 21st Amendment, Designers like their Fat Tires, or that people in Marketing seem pretty evenly split on their beers.

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By Kelli Simpson

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