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Introducing Data Combinations

May 13th, 2014


Ever since we unveiled DataHero in its earliest form, we’ve consistently and repeatedly heard one request from users: when can we combine data across different services? Today’s enterprise data is increasingly scattered across decentralized services and workers need tools that empower them to quickly and easily get the answers they need, no matter where the data is.

Today, we’re excited to introduce a first-of-its-kind feature in DataHero: the ability to combine data across SaaS services, cloud drives, and even Excel spreadsheets to quickly and easily get the answers you need!

The true power of cloud analytics comes from its potential for combining data across decentralized services to deliver powerful insights. Now, you can instantly combine transactions from your online payment processor with data from your email marketing campaigns to see the true bottom line impact of marketing efforts. Or combine a Salesforce opportunity report with data from your marketing automation software to get better insights into your sales pipeline. Or even combine spreadsheets and reports from on-premise systems in seconds.

How It Works

We’ve spent almost a year working with our users to create an interface so easy and intuitive that it takes just seconds to go from disparate datasets to powerful business insights. The days of having to download your cloud data, only to fight with complicated merges and Excel VLOOKUPs is over!

Start with Any Dataset

To get started, choose any dataset from your home page and click the new “Combine Your Data” option in the left rail.

Combine Your Data

Choose a Suggested Combination or Create Your Own

DataHero automatically suggests relevant combinations of data based on the services you use and the datasets that you’ve imported to help you unlock new insights.  Select one of the suggested combinations or create your own in just a few clicks.

DataHero automatically determines what attributes your datasets have in common, so it knows how to combine the data to get you the answers you need.

Suggested Combinations

Preview and Combine

Once you’ve chosen the datasets you want to combine, preview the results and go.

Combines Screenshot

Analytics, Made Easy

After your combined dataset has been created, DataHero automatically suggested charts of key insights to help you get started, or you can create custom charts and easily perform advanced analytics just like you would with any other dataset.

Suggested Charts

Always Up-to-Date

With DataHero Live Charts, your visualizations automatically stay up-to-date with your data, no matter where it is.  Combined datasets are no different – you’ll always see the latest combinations of your data so you can be assured that your insights are up-to-date.

Live Charts Schedule

Get Started with Combined Datasets Today!

With DataHero, you can combine data from all of the cloud services you rely on and get insights in just a few clicks.  Combined datasets are one of the many powerful features found in DataHero Premium.

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By Chris Neumann

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