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Automate Google Analytics Reporting with DataHero

April 10th, 2014


If you’re analytic junkies like us, then you probably use Google Analytics reporting and are undoubtedly looking for ways to make analytics reporting easier and faster. We’ll walk through how to automatically keep data up-to-date with the latest Google Analytics data directly in a DataHero dashboard.  If you’re just getting started with Google Analytics or if you are GA-pro looking for ways to create custom reports that include multiple dimensions and measures, this post is for you.  We’ll show you how DataHero makes it easy to visualize, segment, filter and pivot your Google Analytics data to your heart’s content.

Connect to DataHero and Schedule Reports to Update Automatically

Connect to Google Analytics directly to DataHero and pull in the attributes you’d like to visualize. Then refresh the analytics daily, weekly or each month. Set the schedule to your specific needs to make sure that data is always current. Not only will you be able to pull in Google Analytics data, but you can track it right next to your MixPanel, HubSpot or even Excel data.

Create Charts to Visualize Your Data

Now that you have the data, you can do some really in-depth analytics to answer key questions, the whole reason we set up this process in the first place.  For example, we love to continually run experiments on our site and track the conversion change.  Using DataHero, it is extremely simple to visualize the percentage change week by week or month by month, tracking our experiments over time. Easily filter based on landing page, source, date, etc. in DataHero. The image below, for example, depicts a full dashboard of AdWords information, as well as goal conversions, spend over time, etc. You can keep everything updated and in one place.

Google Analytics Dashboard

For even more ideas on how we use use this DataHero Google Analytics integration ourselves, please check out this cohort post or this funnel optimization post.  New to DataHero?  Get started by signing up for a DataHero account today and start automating your own Google Analytics reports.


Import My Google Analytics Data Into DataHero

By Jeff Zabel

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