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Google Analytics Cohort Analysis in DataHero

March 25th, 2014

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Cohort analysis in Google Analytics allows you to look at how groups of customers behave over time, and DataHero simplifies the process. Visualize not only the behavior over time, but look for trends in revenue, sources, and more easily with Google Analytics and DataHero. In this post I’ll outline how to do that quickly and easily. First, ensure you’ve connected your DataHero account to Google Analytics and pull in the custom attributes you’d like to visualize.

Questions We’ll Answer with Google Analytics and DataHero

Now that your data is in DataHero you can begin your cohort analysis. Below are a few questions to get you started with charts to help answer those questions.

How many of my users who first visited in January are returning in March?

Step 1: Click create a New Chart

Step 2: Drag on the following attributes:

  • Date
  • Segment
  • Visits

Step 3: Click “Type” in the top left of the charts page and select Line

DataHero will display a line chart that shows how your January, February and March cohorts performed over time. Remember that the Google Analytics segment stipulates that the January cohort includes users who visited the site for the first time in January.

DataHero Cohort Analysis - First Visit by Subsequent Visits

In the example above, it looks like each cohort is active for the period of time when they sign up but drop off quickly.

What are my most valuable sources by cohort?

Step 1: Click Create a Chart

Step 2: Drag on the following attributes:

  • Segment
  • Sign Ups

Users Who Did Not Sign Up

Step 3: Click Type in the top left of the chart page and select “Stacked Column”

Step 4: Click the Percentage button in the top left of the chart

You can now see how many of your visitors who came to the site for the first time then registered for the service at some point.

How much revenue does each cohort produce by source and medium?

Step 1: Create a New Chart

Step 2: Drag on the following attributes:

  • Sign up Goal Value
  • Segment
  • Source/Medium

You’ll then see a stacked column chart of your revenue by cohort and by source/medium.

Now it’s your turn. You’ve seen how to pull your data out of Google Analytics, into a Google Spreadsheet. You’ve also seen some suggestions on how to start your Google Analytics cohort analysis. Sign up for a free DataHero account and start analyzing your Google Analytics cohorts.

Import My Google Analytics Data Into DataHero

By Kelli Simpson

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