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Feature Friday February 28th, 2014

February 28th, 2014


In this week’s Feature Friday we have improved speed and exporting capabilities to share with you. Dashboard exports are now larger and allow for quick exporting, printing and reading. You’ll also notice that uploads and data type classification are faster and more accurate thanks to this week’s updates.

Improved Dashboard Exports

Now when you export your dashboards, they’ll show large, beautiful charts in a board-meeting-ready PDF packet.

Compile key charts across all your connected services into a dashboard, then export it into a PDF file.  DataHero Premium users can create unlimited dashboards and keep them up-to-date using DataHero’s automatic updating feature, Live Charts.

Increased Speed

Thanks to under the hood improvements in DataHero, your data analysis will now be even easier with a faster importing and classification process.

Better Classification

DataHero’s Data Decoder got an upgrade not only in speed but also in accuracy, so we can suggest data types with more certainty. This means you can get to the answers you need even faster than before.

DataHero’s Data Decoder gives better recommendations when data is classified correctly. If we ever miss a classification, just change the datatype yourself to make the charts you need. Stay tuned or follow us on Twitter for more updates!

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By Kelli Simpson

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