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Feature Friday February 14th, 2014

February 14th, 2014


This past week we unveiled some big new features with dashboards, our new integration with Braintree, and an improved homepage to go along with our dashboards! Now you can easily create a dashboard of your conversion funnel metrics, for example,  including charts from Google Analytics, Salesforce and an uploaded Excel sheet in under five minutes.


DataHero dashboards allow you to see key charts across all your connected services in one place.

Import data from one of your connected services or upload an Excel or CSV file, create charts that answer your important questions, then add them to a new dashboard. DataHero Premium users can create unlimited dashboards and keep them up-to-date using DataHero’s automatic updating feature, Live Charts.

Improved Homepage Design

Now when you login to DataHero, you’ll see an updated navigation bar on the left side for easy switching between datasets and your dashboards. This improvement allows you to import your data, create the charts you need and add them to a dashboard in just a few clicks!

Braintree Integration

We also have a new integration as of last week! You can now integrate directly to Braintree to import and visualize your transactional data over time.

By connecting DataHero and Braintree you can answer questions about your transactions over time by company, credit card, fees, location and more.

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By Kelli Simpson

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