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Charting Leading KPIs in Salesforce

February 12th, 2014


As a sales manager, you focus on KPIs to keep your team on track, but it’s important to focus not only on “lagging” KPIs, but also on “leading” KPIs. These are KPIs like calls per week, or rate of follow up contact. Leading KPIs are the driving factors that will contribute to your pipeline in the future.  Monitoring those now gives you time to correct any issues in your pipeline before opportunities are already developed.  (If you want to learn more about the differences between leading and lagging KPIs, check out this post from Salesforce).

To  demonstrate how to chart some of these leading KPIs in DataHero, I’ll show you how easy it is to answer these five insightful questions:

  1. How many calls per week is each sales rep making?

  2. How many calls turn into opportunities and how many opportunities turn into wins?

  3. What is the average amount of time each sales rep spends on a call?

  4. How responsive are sales reps?

  5. What is the rate of follow up contact for each sales rep?

For this post, we’ll use a Salesforce customer support report that includes the following custom fields: win/loss counts, duration of calls, number of follow up contacts and lead response time.  Begin by connecting DataHero to your Salesforce account and importing your customer support report.

Calls Per Week by Sales Rep

Step 1: Click Create New Chart

Step 2: Drag on the following attributes:

  • Date
  • Calls Per Day
  • Opportunity Owner

Step 3: Click “Type” then select Stacked Column Chart

DataHero creates a stacked column chart that displays how many calls are made per week broken down by sales rep.

In this case, DataHero defaulted to showing the results by week but I can also change the chart to display a different time grouping.  Click on “Start Editing My Chart” to view the attributes that are in your chart. Under Date select the dropdown and you can now change this chart to represent calls by day, month, or even day of the week.

Call Funnel by Sales Rep

Step 1: Click Create New Chart

Step 2: Drag on the following attributes:

  • Opportunity Owner
  • Opportunities Won
  • Opportunities Lost
  • Calls Not Turned to Opportunities

Step 3: Click “Type” and select stacked bar chart

Step 4: Click the Percentage button in the top left corner of the chart canvas

The result is the percentage of calls that turn into opportunities and what percentage of opportunities translate into wins as broken down by each sales rep.

Average Amount of Time Spent on Each Call

Step 1: Create a New Chart

Step 2: Drag on the following attributes:

  • Opportunity Owner
  • Amount of Time on Each Call

Step 2: Click on “Start Editing My Chart” to see all the attributes in your chart. Then in the dropdown menu just above Amount of Time on Each Call click Average.

Step 3: Click on “Type” and change the graph to a donut chart.

This gives you a snapshot of how much time each sales rep is spending on calls on average.

To visualize this chart over time, simply drag on Date and DataHero will plot the data over time to reveal trends in time usage. DataHero then creates the column chart below:

Lead Response Time

Step 1: Create a New Chart

Step 2: Drag on the following attributes:

  • Opportunity Owner
  • Lead Response Time

Step 3: Click “Type” to change the chart to a column chart

Step 4: Under Lead Response Time click Sort to view opportunities owners in descending order by lead response time.

Below is a chart that depicts how long each lead takes to respond on average, broken down by wins and losses.

Rate of Follow Up Contact

Step 1: Click the “More” button in the top right of the chart page, then select Save A Copy

*DataHero saves the chart you were just working on back on your chart homepage, then you are free to edit the new chart as you’d like without having to start all over.

Step 2: Remove Lead Response Time by clicking the X on that chart attribute

Step 3: Click Add Data to Chart

Step 4: Add the attribute Follow Up Contacts to the chart

Now you have the number of follow up contacts by opportunity owner as displayed below, without creating a new chart.

DataHero can import any report from Salesforce, so customize your leading KPI’s based on your individual questions then chart them easily in DataHero. Then filter by date, opportunity owner, or even location.

To get started today, sign up for a free DataHero account and start unmasking the answers in your Salesforce data.

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By Kelli Simpson

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