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Introducing DataHero Analytics Dashboards

February 11th, 2014


Today, we’re excited to announce the latest feature in DataHero Premium: Dashboards!  One of the biggest requests from our users was to be able to combine visualizations from different services into a single dashboard for easy viewing and sharing.  Now, you can easily create a dashboard that contains all of your funnel metrics, like your MailChimp interactions and Google Analytics stats, and another one that contains key product metrics, like your GitHub issues timeline and your ticket report, in just a few clicks.


Creating Your First Dashboard

Creating a new dashboard is easy!  From the home page, select the Dashboards tab and click the Create a New Dashboard button:

Create New Dashboard

DataHero Premium users can create unlimited dashboards.

Adding Charts to Your Dashboard

There are two ways you can add charts to a dashboard:

1. Adding a Chart from the Dashboard

While viewing the dashboard, click the Add Chart button and then choose the chart you want to add from the popup window:

 Add to Dashboard

2. Adding a Chart from the Chart Canvas

If you’re working with a chart that you want to add to a dashboard, click the Add to Dashboard button and then select the dashboard you want to add it to (or click Create a New Dashboard to add it to a brand new dashboard):

Add Chart from Canvas

Customizing Your Dashboard

Charts on your dashboard can be rearranged by simply dragging-and-dropping them on the dashboard:

 Drag Dashboards

Sharing Your Dashboard

Dashboards can be downloaded as beautiful PDF reports to be shared with collaborators.  Simply click the Export button:

Dashboard Export

With DataHero dashboards, creating dynamic dashboards that contain all of your key metrics is a snap.

To get started with DataHero dashboards, sign up for a DataHero Premium account today!

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By Kelli Simpson

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