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Feature Friday December 13, 2013

December 13th, 2013

Feature Friday

It’s been a big week at DataHero, we’ve recently announced that we’re coming out of beta and have launched a new and improved general admission version of DataHero! Here’s what that new and improved GA version looks like:

New Interface

The new, simpler design is the culmination of feedback and user testing we’ve collected and analyzed since our public beta launch in April. It allows you to easily navigate your connected services, datasets and charts.


New Partnerships
  • Get answers about your users’ email behaviors with the new DataHero and SendGrid integration. Import and visualize email statistics reports in just a few clicks.
  • DataHero now integrates with Desk to provide easy visualization of Desk cases in minutes. Now you can analyze support cases by label, custom dates, or channel.
  • If you’re a first time user of DataHero (or just want some more practice with it) import Quandl datasets to learn how to maximize all that DataHero has to offer. Now you’ll see Quandl datasets ranging from GDP by country to NFL stats to help you get familiar with DataHero.

Quandl 4

If you’d like to check out these updates for yourself, sign up for a free DataHero account today and start unmasking the answers in your data.

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By Kelli Simpson

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