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Analyze SendGrid Email Reports In DataHero

December 10th, 2013


Today, we’re excited to announce a new partnership with SendGrid, a leading cloud-based email service that makes it easy to send and analyze transactional and marketing email campaigns.  Now you can take your analysis further with DataHero by applying filters, investigating relationships between delivery variables and keeping your SendGrid data current with DataHero Live Charts.

 SendGrid Import Screen

By connecting DataHero and SendGrid you can:

Import Email Reports Seamlessly

All of your reports are listed in DataHero, allowing you to import email reports instantly with one click.

Customize Your Analytics

Drag and drop the elements of your email campaigns you want to investigate and let DataHero create a clear visualization for you.

 DataHero Delivered vs. Opened Emails by Week

Identify Your Most Engaged Subscribers

Using DataHero’s drag-and-drop cohort analysis, you can drag on two variables (like opens and browser type) to instantly see which cohorts are more valuable to your business.

Easily Apply Filters

Segment and filter your email recipients by region, time zone, clicks or unsubscribes.

Clicks by Day of The Week and Browser

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By Kelli Simpson

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