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An Exciting Day for DataHero!

December 10th, 2013

An Exciting Day for DataHero!

Back in April, we unmasked DataHero’s public beta and introduced the world to our vision for data empowerment, one guided by a core belief that everyone should be able to understand the data that matters to them.  Over the past eight months, we’ve worked tirelessly to make it easier for you to find insights in your data.  We’ve added new and powerful analysis features like drag-and-drop cohort analysis, introduced connections to popular services like SurveyMonkey, Stripe and Salesforce, and continued to iterate and refine our intuitive interface.

Today, we’re excited to introduce the new-and-improved GA version of DataHero!

This release represents the culmination of months of user testing and design iteration, and incorporates feedback we’ve received from thousands of users all over the world.  Our new interface makes it easier than ever to import data from the services you use everyday, analyze and create dynamic visualizations of your data, and share your insights:

The New and Improved DataHero!

We’re also thrilled to announce three new integrations with leading online service providers SendGrid, and Quandl:

SendGridSendGrid is a leading cloud-based email service that delivers marketing, transactional and enterprise emails on behalf of companies.  Learn more about our integration with SendGrid here. is a customer service application that combines all your channels into one über accessible location and provides powerful tools so you can deliver heroic support with ease.  Learn more about our integration with here.

QuandlQuandl is the easiest way to find and use numerical data on the internet.  We’ve partnered with Quandl to provide our users with datasets they can use to get started with DataHero.  Learn more about our partnership with Quandl here.

Finally, we’re both excited and humbled to share that we’ve raised an additional $3.15M in funding from our amazing investors, Foundry Group.

Ryan, Brad, Seth and Jason have been incredible supporters of our vision for data empowerment since we first met them in early 2012.  From day one, they understood and shared our goal of making data analysis accessible to all business users, regardless of their technical ability.  I’ll never forget the smile on Brad’s face when, after giving us a download of his Withings data during a demo, we turned around and immediately showed him dynamic charts of his fitness metrics in DataHero.

Ryan McIntyreBrad FeldJason MendelsonSeth Levine

As we look ahead to the new year, we’re excited to expand our amazing team and continue making advanced analytics accessible to business users. We’re already hard at work on new, more powerful ways to analyze your data and share your insights, integrations with leading enterprise SAAS services, and much, much more.

And on that note, if you’re looking to join an incredible team of talented, creative, out-of-the-box thinkers that want to change the way the world uses data, WE’RE HIRING!

By Chris Neumann

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