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Feature Friday November 22, 2013

November 22nd, 2013

Feature Friday

After the enthusiastic feedback we received about our new cohort analysis, we’ve been continuing to make this analysis easier and more fluid, plus adding more requested features from our users. Keep the feedback coming, and we’ll keep working on making your data analysis as easy as possible.

Cohort filtering

Now you can filter out certain cohort groups to get the answers you need (like which cohort is bringing in the most revenue) easily. Just check or uncheck the cohort time periods you want to visualize.

 Cohort Filter Screenshot

Show totals on bar and column graphs

Simply toggle the Totals button in the top left of the chart area to view totals on your bar or column graph.

 Column Total Labels

Show values for segments in stacked column and bar graphs

Click Labels button in the top left corner and get values displayed for each segment on your stacked column or bar graph for easy and quick readability.

Labels Screenshot

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By Kelli Simpson

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