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Integrate Office 365 and DataHero

October 29th, 2013


Office 365 is Microsoft’s online offering its popular Microsoft Office productivity suite. Today, we’re introducing integration between Office 365 and DataHero so that you can directly import spreadsheets from Office 365, as well as Microsoft Excel and CSV files stored in Microsoft SkyDrive.

 Sky+Drive+Home copy

Simply go to and sign up for a free account.  There’s nothing to download or install, and you don’t need to enter a credit card to get started. Once you’ve created your DataHero account, you can import any Office 365 spreadsheets in a single click.

 Sky Drive

DataHero then categorizes the data within your spreadsheets and analyzes it to find patterns.  DataHero’s Data Decoder categorizes  all your data by type, such as date or currency.

 Sky Drive Data Decoder

DataHero then automatically creates some suggested charts based on the patterns in the data.  Without having to lift a finger, you’ve already got a number of visualizations at your disposal.  At this point, you can either start with one of these suggested charts, or click the “create new chart” button to start from scratch.

 Sky Drive Suggested Charts

Use these suggested charts to reveal insights in your Office 365 data or create your own charts by dragging and dropping specific attributes onto the chart canvas.

Salary by Year

Once you create the charts you need in DataHero, keep them up to date as the data within your Office 365 spreadsheets changes. Do you get an updated report from your sales team each Monday? Enable DataHero Live Charts on your charts page and the graphs you created for that dataset will automatically update based on the schedule you set.

 Live Charts Update

To connect your Office 365 account to DataHero, get started with a free DataHero account today!

By Kelli Simpson

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