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Celebrating Two Years of DataHero!

October 22nd, 2013

Happy Birthday DataHero!

Two years ago, Jeff and I signed the incorporation papers for the company that would become DataHero.  We founded DataHero to address an increasingly apparent gap in data products: more and more people had access to data every day, with more data than ever before moving to the cloud, yet there weren’t any tools for individuals to analyze and visualize that data on their own.  We believed that everyone, regardless of their technical ability, should be able to work with the data that matters to them, without having to wait for IT or the BI department.

Climbing ExcursionFrom the start, we knew that creating an effective solution to this challenge could not be done by engineers alone, so we started with the principles of user-centric design pioneered at Stanford’s d.School and the MIT Media Lab and assembled a diverse team with strengths in consumer interfaces, user interaction, data analytics, machine learning, distributed systems processing and more.  Our team comes not only from top engineering schools like Stanford, MIT and UIUC, but from elite art schools like Ringling.  In fact, our very first hire wasn’t one of our rockstar engineers, she was a rockstar UI designer.

And the results?  You can see for yourself what we’ve built by signing up for a free DataHero account.  Thousands of hours of user testing and iteration have helped us to create a product that empowers anyone, regardless of their technical background (or lack thereof) to be able to quickly and easily visualize and analyze their data.

Evolution of DataHero

So where do we go from here?  Well, we’re just getting started on our journey and we’re looking for more people to join our incredible team.  Are you an elite node.js hacker? A master of machine learning? How about a web or mobile UI wizard?  If you share our vision of making data truly accessible to everyone, then we want to hear from you!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering how we celebrated DataHero’s second anniversary: we ate 40 lbs of incredible meat prepared by Renzo Garibaldi, owner of Lima, Peru’s premiere artisan butchery, Osso:

DataHero Celebration

And then we analyzed the results:


We do things a bit differently here at DataHero.  Want to join us?

By Chris Neumann

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