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Feature Friday October 10, 2013

October 11th, 2013

Feature Friday

This past week we’ve been working on some new charting capabilities for comparing charts as they change over time and new zip code processing.

First, we’ve added the ability to easily create charts show how a value has changed over time. For example, now you can easily see how sales have increased or decreased over the past three months by week. Chart this data using the raw value or a percentage form.

Change Over Time

Click the arrows button in the top right corner to instantly transform your graph to show change over time.

Change Over Time Button

Your graph will automatically show you how the values change over time:

 DataHero Rate of Change of Sales by Week (1)

Rate of Change Over Time

To see change over time as a percentage increase or decrease relative to the week before, simply click the percentage button in the top left corner of your charts page.

Percentage Button

Then, you will get a graph that looks something like this:

DataHero Percentage Rate of Change by Week(1)

Quick Zip and Postal Code Charting

Now you can map your data by zip and postal code. Drag zip code and sales, for example, onto the chart canvas and you’ll get a chart that looks like the one below almost instantly.

Amount Sold by Zip

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By Kelli Simpson

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