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Charting in Google Spreadsheets vs. DataHero

October 8th, 2013


Google Spreadsheets make your data accessible from anywhere on any device because of their cloud-based storage. DataHero offers the same flexibility, plus powerful analysis and an intuitive interface that lets you focus on the questions you want answered, instead of formatting a spreadsheet.

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To begin, you can connect your Google Drive account to DataHero and then import your Google Spreadsheets in a single click.

Ask Your Question

First, in this example I’d like to look at how many clicks my campaign received by date, by age group. This question requires a pivot table in Google Spreadsheets. Pivot tables in Google Spreadsheets are quite similar to pivot tables in Excel, which you can learn more about here. For quick overview though, this is a peek at what the process looks like in Google Spreadsheets:

 Spreadsheet Pivot Table

However, in DataHero you don’t even have to know what a pivot table is, you simply have to know that you want to see your clicks, by date, by age group. To get that answer, drag on those three attributes and you’ll get this visualization. DataHero is designed to find the patterns in your data and then suggest the most relevant chart. However, you can change the chart type by simply clicking Type in the top left corner. For this example though, a stacked bar chart is the chart I wanted to represent this data.

 Fall Fashion Guide Clicks

Returning to Google Spreadsheets, once you have your pivot table, you can then create your chart. Notice that in DataHero, the chart was automatically created for you, so you save some time from eliminating the need to create pivot tables.

 Chart Editor in Spreadsheet

Graph by Location

Finally, let’s say I want to know where my clicks are coming from, I can visualize this data in a map in DataHero by simply dragging on the zip code or state. A data map is then automatically generated for me.

 DataHero Clicks by State

There are some other tips and tricks in this blog post about Excel and DataHero. Also, check out some tutorials to get an even better idea of how we’re trying to make data analysis accessible for everyone.


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By Kelli Simpson

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