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Feature Friday September 27th, 2013

September 27th, 2013

Feature Friday

We’ve been cooking up some new features here at DataHero and polishing some old ones. To keep our community up to date, here’s a summary of what we’ve been up to these past couple of weeks.

Graphs by Age

You can now create historical or projection graphs by time relative to today. Want to see what your sales were three months ago? Check the “Show as time from now” box. Use it for minutes, hours, days, weeks, you get the idea.

Age Graph

Improved Header Row Identification

Did the Data Decoder miss your header row? Now you can select the header row from anywhere in the dataset.

Multiple Header Rows

Improved Drag-and-Drop Zooming

We introduced drag-and-drop zooming a couple weeks ago, but we’ve expanded this feature so now you can zoom for all date and time groupings.

How are you using these new updates? Have a brilliant idea you want to share with us? Email at




By Kelli Simpson

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