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Introducing DataHero Live Charts

July 23rd, 2013


Today, we’re excited to announce DataHero Live Charts, a powerful new feature that automatically updates your charts to show you the latest insights in your changing data. Live Charts will update based on changes in your connected services, cloud storage, or even spreadsheets from your laptop.

New responses on your surveys in SurveyMonkey? A growing list in MailChimp? Weekly reports in Salesforce? Evolving spreadsheets in Box? Data isn’t static and it’s not easy to continually import your most recent data, then create all new visualizations each time your data is updated.

Here’s the new way you can use DataHero in the fight against daunting data:

  1. Import data from your favorite connected services once.
  2. Reveal the insights you need by choosing a Suggested Chart or creating the visualization with a quick drag and drop.
  3. Then you can turn on Live Charts and the insights you depend on will always be current. (You can schedule Live Charts to update every Friday when this week’s spreadsheets come in. That way you can spend your weekend doing anything other than creating new charts but still knock that Monday morning meeting out of the park.)

Keeping your charts up-to-date with DataHero Live Charts is easy!


DataHero Live Charts are included in our Premium Plan, which all new users can try out for free without a credit card for seven days.

To learn more about DataHero Live Charts, watch this video.

The team here at DataHero is incredibly excited about the Live Charts roll-out and we’d love to hear what you think of it or how you’re using it. Reach out in the comments below or email us with your questions and comments.

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By Kelli Simpson

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