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DataHero and SurveyMonkey Combine Forces

July 12th, 2013


Today, we’re thrilled to announce that DataHero has joined forces with SurveyMonkey to fight the evils of daunting data. SurveyMonkey is the world’s largest online survey tool, with millions of users who rely on it to conduct market research, measure customer satisfaction, and investigate countless other questions. With DataHero and SurveyMonkey, you can now quickly and easily create charts, reports, and dashboards of your SurveyMonkey data that you can easily share with teams and clients.SurveyMonkey makes it incredibly easy to create and distribute surveys on any topic. But until now, analyzing the responses has taken a lot of time and effort. Like any software tool, there are limitations to the ways that you can easily analyze and report on your data within SurveyMonkey’s platform.

No more!  Gone are the days of exporting survey data to build complicated pivot tables and filters in Excel in order to answer even the simplest of questions.

By connecting DataHero to SurveyMonkey you can:

Import Survey Results Seamlessly: All of your surveys are listed in DataHero, allowing you to import results instantly with one click.

Skip Formatting: With DataHero, you no longer need to dump your survey data into Excel, categorize it, and spend time with formatting and creating pivot tables to get answers. DataHero does all that for you automatically.

Easily Filter Responses: DataHero’s easy-to-use interface makes it simple to filter responses or segment survey participants.

See Results Geographically: Does your survey include locations?  Now, you can see your results on interactive maps.

DataHero helps you unmask the answers in your data. There’s nothing to download or install. Simply create an account and connect to the data services you use everyday (like Salesforce, Stripe, MailChimp, Dropbox and Box). DataHero automatically decodes your data and shows you the answers you need through dynamic visualizations.

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Please leave a comment below with any questions/ feedback or learn more about how to integrate SurveyMonkey.

By Kelli Simpson

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