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Independence is All About the Food and Beer

July 3rd, 2013


Tomorrow, about 316 million Americans will celebrate Independence Day largely by spending time with family and friends, and stuffing their faces with delicacies specific to this classy country like hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad and, of course, beer. While you’re grilling out, getting sunburnt and awaiting the fireworks, chew over these facts:

– More than 150 million hot dogs will be consumed tomorrow

– One in four hot dogs comes from Iowa (North Carolina and Minnesota come next)

– One in six  burgers come from Texas cattle

– Idaho and Washington provide half of all spuds used in potato salad

– And California?  Well, we bring you lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, ketchup, and watermelon.

Of course a barbeque just isn’t a barbeque without the beer. At DataHero, we love our beer so let’s dig into some of that data for the fourth. Independence Day is the number one beer consumption holiday based on cases purchased.

 DataHero Beer Consumption by Holiday


June, May and July are the top months for beer production. This makes sense, if the Fourth of July is the top holiday for beer consumption, that beer will need to be produced in May and June, depending on brewing times, bottling, and shipping.

DataHero Beer Production by Month


Just for fun we also looked at beer consumption by state, the places you’re most likely to find a case of beer at a barbeque on this holiday.

DataHero Per Capita Beer Consumption by State (1)

So while you’re waiting on the sand volleyball court to open up tomorrow, here are some go-to talking points to break the ice with that cousin you haven’t seen since last year. Happy fourth heroes!


By Kelli Simpson

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