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Get More Insights From Your MailChimp Data

June 21st, 2013

Our goal is for everyone to get insights from their data in a few clicks. We look at the patterns in your MailChimp data so we can suggest relevant charts and create the visualizations that lead you to those coveted “a-ha” moments. We want to help you go beyond the standard visualizations that MailChimp gives you about clicks and open rates, and enable you to analyze the custom information you collect through MailChimp like industry, gender or age. Check out the video for some suggestions on how to maximize that data MailChimp has helped you collect.

In summary:

  • Import list, campaign and custom data
  • Analyze click throughs and opens by region or time to optimize sending time
  • Segment and analyze your lists and campaigns by custom data you collect
  • Graph your signups over time

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By Kelli Simpson

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