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Who Is The Richest Superhero?

June 14th, 2013


It’s only natural that we’d combine our two loves: superheroes and data. So we compiled some data on a few of the most iconic heroes from the Marvel and DC universes and asked some questions.

Please note, we carefully selected a cross-segment of heroes who reside on earth, or the version of earth mainstream in said comic (I am looking at you and your many “Earths” DC).

Our topic today: education and career choices in the superhero world. From the sample of characters we selected, there is a very distinct divide when it comes to education in relation to gender. Our female characters mostly didn’t pursue a higher education and in general fall into the gray area of “tutored education”. Male heroes have a higher tendency to pursue bachelor’s degrees and PhD’s than their female counterparts. Visualizing the data, we see that 60% of women are tutored to the 30% males in this example.


Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 2.14.27 PM


However, education isn’t a true barometer of brilliance and intelligence in the comic book world, nor does it point to career success. The life of a hero is usually fraught with unplanned turns. Dr. Banner, A.K.A. the Hulk, ranks highest in education with multiple PhD’s, unfortunately since his accident with gamma radiation he has yet to be able to hold down a job. On the other side of the spectrum we have Bruce Wayne / Batman, arguably one of the most brilliant heroes out there with not a degree to his name.

For that matter, the Hulk isn’t the only superhero having trouble maintaining a double identity with a daytime job. Below is a quick breakdown of our superheroes and their current careers:


Though only 27% of our heroes are properly unemployed, once we add into the mix all characters who won’t be filing taxes due to a lack of income, a questionable source of said income or because they basically are THE God of Thunder, our numbers jump up to 47%. Yes, this means we are roping in Catwoman and her “job” as a jewel thief as well as Captain America and his status as a WWII soldier. Our “Non” segment with those impossible to report to the IRS job titles easily overpowers all other career options.

Our take away? Chances are you should already be rich or get ready to be a little creative on how you sustain yourself financially if you are looking to become a superhero. Or if given the chance, and true love, there is always the option of marrying the king of an entire country (go Storm!).

Taking these stats and digging a bit further we can see if there are any trends in education and career choices in relationship to their respective comic book houses. In this clash between DC and Marvel we can clearly see that tutoring is a de-facto way of life in the Marvel universe. Also maintaining that taxable day-time job is more prevalent in the DC world than in with Marvel.


DC vs. Marvel Education


Career Areas


Now let’s take a quick look at net worth too, to answer our original question: who is the richest superhero? Here’s a graph of the top ten richest superheroes. The clear winner: Iron Man! Catwoman and Storm look nearly penniless until you consider the fact that Iron Man has a net worth of $9.3 billion.

Net Worth

That’s it for today! Make sure to tune in at the same bat-channel and the same bat-time for another segment on superhero stats!

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By Kelli Simpson

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