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Unmasking Datahero

April 23rd, 2013

Unmasking Datahero

Today, after more than a year of hard work, we are proud and excited to unmask Datahero!

Datahero is a new kind of data visualization and analysis product: one that is designed for the individual. We created Datahero to solve a need that we personally experienced and saw many others experiencing: the need as individual business users to analyze data that matters to us.

Whether you work in a large enterprise or a small business, chances are you work with data from a variety of sources. You may even have access to corporate data analysis tools. But what if the data you want to understand isn’t accessible through those tools? What if you don’t have the time to analyze the data? Or what if you just don’t know where to start?

That’s where Datahero comes in. We designed Datahero not just for the individual, but for any individual. We believe that everyone has the potential to be a data hero.

Datahero is Accessible

With Datahero, you don’t need an IT department to get started. There’s nothing to download or install. It doesn’t cost anything to get started. Simply point your browser to and you’re on your way to becoming a data hero.

Datahero Seamlessly Connects to Your Data

Let’s face it, your data isn’t all in one place. It’s on your laptop. It’s in online storage services. It’s in cloud applications like Salesforce, MailChimp and Stripe. It’s all over the place! Being a data hero means you need instant access to your data, wherever it is. Datahero gives you that at the click of a button.

Datahero Does The Heavy Lifting For You

Not a SQL wizard? Not a problem. Datahero’s powerful Data Decoder makes anyone a hero by analyzing the patterns in your data and automatically generating dynamic visualizations in an instant. Want to drill down more? It’s as easy as drag-and-drop.

Our team is extremely proud of what we’ve built at Datahero, but this is just the beginning of our journey. And since a superhero is only as strong as his fellow superheroes and sidekicks, please reach out to us anytime via email, twitter, or through Datahero with your ideas, suggestions and feedback.

We look forward to continually improving Datahero in our quest to help you unmask the answers your data and look forward to sharing the journey with you.

Chris Neumann and Jeff Zabel


By Chris Neumann

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