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DataHero Is Joining Cloudability

By Ed MillerJanuary 6th, 2016

We have some big news: DataHero will be joining forces with Cloudability. What makes this so exciting is that Cloudability and DataHero are in many ways aiming toward the same mission: bringing better decision making to people all over the world, via the cloud. Cloudability has proven to be a top cloud cost management provider to customers across the globe. DataHero has become a leader in delivering innovative analytic tools that are easy to use and relevant. Our combined team of technology and data science experts will help us continue to innovate and grow.

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Content Marketing Analytics Made Simple

By Kelli SimpsonDecember 17th, 2015

“Ban the word blog. It makes it seem frivolous, when it’s actually critical. Call it your info site or something,” says David Meerman Scott, renowned marketing and sales strategist. How do marketers ensure they’re optimizing this crucial part of their strategy? Furthermore, how do they communicate its importance to the rest of the organization or their clients? Read More >

A New Era For Data Visualizations

By Kelli SimpsonDecember 16th, 2015

Interactive visualizations are taking hold, marking a new era for how people interact with data. They allow users to plot their data in real-time to draw their own conclusions. While the draw may be centered on the ability to explore and discover, what is most appealing is that people don’t need the brain of a mathematician to discover what lies behind the data. Through interactive visualizations, we are able to easily consume data to discover new findings: we are able to experience data analysis in new and improved way.

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4 Charts You Need to Optimize Your AdWords ROI

By Kelli SimpsonDecember 10th, 2015

How can I track overall impressions and spend? 

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Introducing Dashboard Filters From DataHero

By Kelli SimpsonDecember 8th, 2015

DataHero now allows you to create a date filter that applies to all the charts in your dashboard. Turn on the filter directly from your dashboard to apply it across multiple data sources and charts simultaneously.

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Optimizing Your AdWords Marketing Funnel

By Kelli SimpsonDecember 7th, 2015

Optimizing your AdWords funnel is an iterative process that requires taking a look at the analytics, and tweaking accordingly. AdWords is just one part of your marketing funnel though, this infographic will walk you through which metrics to track at which stages of your funnel, and what you should be monitoring. Import that funnel information into DataHero and visualize it to identify areas that could use improvement and where your marketing team is excelling. Tracking the right metrics will also ensure you're attributing successes or failures to the correct ads, campaigns and spend. adwords_infographic

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The Competitive Edge: From Creating Captivating Content to Providing Unrivaled Results

By Kelli SimpsonDecember 3rd, 2015

As service providers, marketing agencies face unrelenting pressure on many fronts. Pressure to secure clients, pressure to perform for those clients, pressure to fend off competitors who claim they can do better, pressure to produce ROI.

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What’s The Best Star Wars Movie?

By Kelli SimpsonNovember 24th, 2015


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5 Ways To Increase Ad Click Through Rates This Holiday Season

By Kelli SimpsonNovember 19th, 2015


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Black Friday Guide for Marketers (Infographic)

By Kelli SimpsonNovember 17th, 2015


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