Connect all your data sources and see everything in one place

Track all of your sales, marketing and customer success data all in one place, including Google Analytics, Hubspot, Salesforce, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Intercom, and more.





Create charts and data visualizations with drag-and-drop ease

Use intuitive drag-and-drop chart creation to generate insightful, intuitive, and great looking data visualizations in minutes. Custom tailor to your brand guidelines and color schemes. No coding or querying languages required.

Your Aha! moment awaits

Dive deeper into your data and utilize DataHero’s intuitive tools to slice and dice your results. Combine multiple datasets, filter by attribute, and segment by cohort to further analyze your business metrics and uncover meaningful insights.


Stay up to date with your metrics, while saving time

Build your reports just the way you like them, then set your data sources to automatically refresh – whenever you want. No more manual updates, copy and pasting, or hours wasted repeating the same data prep tasks.



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DataHero is a dynamic tool that enables us to easily access and analyze our data across all of these teams, allowing optimization of our strategic forecasting and efforts towards continuous customer service improvement.

- Naveed Hasan

Head of Marketing, ReneSola America Inc.



Build KPI dashboards that are as unique as your business

No two businesses are the same. So why settle for canned dashboards that only capture generic metrics? DataHero allows you to build unlimited dashboards that track the unique KPIs and metrics that actually drive your business forward. Sales, marketing, customer success, or executive overviews? Internal metrics vs. external client reports? DataHero has you covered.



Easily share with teams & clients

DataHero works for you, your teams, and your clients. With advanced features like shared charts and dashboards, PDF exports, role-based permissioning, and agency tools, DataHero enables you to turn your siloed data into shared, actionable insights. For further details, take a look at our plans and pricing.


DataHero is the fastest, easiest way to uncover insights from your data





Empowering Data Heroes Everywhere

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datahero-gigaom-logo "[DataHero] delivers on its promise with a service that's both intelligent and intuitive"

datahero-tnw-logo "The application spits out amazingly-detailed visualizations, customizable via a click-and-drag interface"


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